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Articulate, Aspire & Act

Common Issues

The feeling of being stuck in an unfulfilling job is a bubble that countless people are caught in. It can be difficult to break out of that pattern for any number of reasons. Sometimes, it’s simply not knowing why you are unhappy or what job might be a better fit. For others, with a leader who is not inspiring, it may be difficult to shake the "better the devil you know than the devil you don't" adage. For still others, the stagnation may be fueled by impaired confidence - a common obstacle for those who feel diminished by their role or their boss.


I begin the process of career coaching by probing the reasons for the lack of fulfillment. As is the standard in coaching, we will explore a series of powerful and curious questions to uncover the pain points, as well as identify the rewarding aspects. A behavioral assessment provides further information about environments and cultures that might be particularly aligned, and those that are particularly averse for the client. I am certified in the E3 Assessment that considers 21 behavior scales. I map this data into a proprietary chart to narrow next steps and facilitate the development of a game plan for the future.

Remote Career Coaching
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