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more About Leadership Coaching

Impact, Influence & Inspire

Individual coaching provides a safe space to explore the challenges of leadership.


Common Issues

Leaders are presented with a myriad of issues on a daily basis. Some challenges are more complex and persistent than others. These are the challenges that can benefit from coaching. I am confident that through open and curious questions, coaching can support resolution.  

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I am particularly interested in:

  • High performance individual contributors who are in a first leadership role

  • Leaders in new positions

  • Leaders in organizations that have been merged or acquired by a larger organization


Common areas that are addressed include:​

  • Influencing colleagues

  • Motivating employees

  • Communicating with superiors

  • Handling conflict

  • Becoming more assertive

  • Establishing presence


By using the industry-standard approach of targeted questions, clients have the opportunity to consider their actions from different perspectives and create new patterns of behavior that will enhance their success. We will work to identify the constraints of current patterns and develop new patterns to accomplish goals. Coaching support can be more effective with expanded data sources, including behavior assessments. Further data is provided by 360° assessments, acquired through written questionnaires or interviews. Once armed with sufficient data, sessions are scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to delve into the patterns that the client wants to break away from, and create new approaches to situations.

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