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more About TEAM Coaching

Communicate, Collaborate & Cultivate

Team Coaching is designed to transform a stalled or discordant team to one that embraces diversity of thought in achieving success.


Common Issues

A high performance team equals synergy and job fulfillment. Achieving that spirit of teamwork is fraught with challenges. Differing personalities, conflicting goals, and personal agendas can all contribute to team conflict. Team conflict always leads to lackluster output. A team of high-performance individual contributors can find collaboration to be a challenge because ICs are accustomed to owning the stage. The team requires a reboot into a shared stage.


Breaking away from the negative patterns in a team and forming new patterns, begins with goal alignment. However, this can rarely be achieved without established team communication patterns that are founded on trust. safety, honesty, and respect.  Once the foundation is laid, the next consideration is making space for everyone. These first steps are accomplished through meetings and, when appropriate, behavioral assessments, allowing all team members to have enlightened visibility into one another. Listening research is reviewed to reinforce the power of listening.

Remote Team Coaching
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